“I completed my SVQ level 4 in Social Care with Almitas staff. This qualification is a requirement for the job that I do managing a team of carers within Care at Home Services.

“I am so glad that Almitas staff supported me with this as they made it easy to understand and the tutor was always there to assist and support me. Even though I live in Aberdeenshire, we met on a regular basis, it was never too much trouble.

Now completed, I have been able to register with the SSSC.”
L. F.
Care at Home Manager
SVQ Level 4 Candidate (Health and Social Care)

“I worked with one of the Almitas Directors for around 14 Months. We first met during an induction for the SVQ candidates. At this time I was quite apprehensive about the qualification and being able to complete the tasks in time. After meeting her, it was very clear to me how professional and approachable she was. I felt very relaxed and confident with their positive attitude.

“We met up at an agreed venue within 7 days of the induction. They explained the whole process very clearly and used simple language allowing me to fully understand what I was required to complete. After this first meeting my thoughts were far more positive than before I got the chance to speak to my assessor.

“As the qualification progressed I had to contact them to ask questions and make sure I was on the right track. Every time I did, my queries were answered very quickly and explained clearly to allow me to carry on with the task in hand. We met at regular intervals to make sure my work was handed in on time and to make sure I was on the right track.
“To be really honest I was extremely worried about doing the qualification, but the support and guidance I received from the staff made the journey very enjoyable and made me self-reflect a lot on my practice.”
J. S.
Homelessness and Support Service Manager
SVQ Level 4 Candidate (Social Services and Healthcare)

“I first met with the Almitas staff to guide me through my SVQ Level 3 in Health and Social Care when I was working with adults with autism.
“Through doing this I gained a lot of knowledge, and it improved my own work experience. With the fantastic guidance and support I went on to pass my SVQ within 9 months, and went on to stay in the care sector.
“I really liked how easy it was to get in contact if I was struggling with a piece of work and together we worked through any problems. I found the experience of doing my SVQ to be enjoyable and worth doing, which explains why I am looking to do the next level up with this team.
“I would recommend them to anyone who wants to work in the care sector, as their knowledge and experience is incredible, they are seriously hardworking and friendly.”

J. McA.
Autism Practitioner
SVQ Level 3 Candidate (Health and Social Care)
West Lothian